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  1. Yes that would be great...Evernote implementation is very limited in feature. Custom chrome tab would increase work flow.
  2. Note view option in evernote does not give full title of note. At the same time it does not show full picture and note content in glance. For mobile magazine view or full screen note view can be implemented like in feedly. It I'll change aesthatic as well as at glance view for quick peeking inside notes.
  3. All three existing view like list view, card view and large card view does not go well with mobile viewing. It does not show full title and also it does not give overview of content. It would be far better if for mobile another view like "magazine view" or full screen card view can be implemented. I use feedly.. it gives very much what should be on mobile default view.
  4. Evernote should introduce 'full page note view' In mobile divices. List view ,card view does not give glimpse of note. Even full title is not reflected in view. I have suggestions. Feedly magazine view implementation is good for mobile devices. It gives full picture , with full headlimes and few note words.
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