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  1. I just tried on a one page note. Nothing. I don't even get a share menu. The app has suddenly become worthless to me and will be deleted. I'm switching to Notability.
  2. I've been an Evernote user for about 5 years. I started using it and then stopped. Recently I started using it again. Since I had a Premium account, I thought I'd give it a second try, and now I remember why I stopped using it. The dreaded 250 notebook limit. It makes no sense to me that this particular limitation would have been kept in place this long. Nice that they finally got around to notebook "stacks" which makes for better organization (yay), but I prefer not to keep all of my clients packed up in one notebook. I don't even care to keep all of my shopping lists together in one notebook. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my account or drop it completely. I realize that there are work arounds, however, if I'm paying to use a service, then the more work arounds I am faced with, the less likely I am to actually use the service. So, I'm curious if anyone at Evernote gives a rat's patootie what their users think, or if it's just a matter of "tough, you don't think it's perfect, don't use it and don't suggest changes because we don't care." Just curious.
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