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  1. I agree. I use it for grabbing results from mysql, or copying and pasting text. Whitespace folding seems to be at fault. Drives me nuts! A Paste and Match Style or Paste Raw option would solve this. Or maybe have a checkbox that allows us to make the note unformatted and respects anything pasted into it, no formatting. Or maybe have a "<?>" box in the formatting bar which would format the selected text as code, automatically selecting Andale Mono and preserving/respecting whitespace. @engberg said on 1/23/2009: It's been 2 months now -- is it still your personal top priority? Does anyone else in engineering agree with you on a non-personal level? With the number of people who have asked for it in the forums, there's gotta be 3-10 times that number NOT posting on the forums who are bummed by the lack of this feature. Screenshot description The first result set is what I expect it to look like when pasting (manually added extra spaces). The second result set is the same, but exactly as pasted from a Terminal window.
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