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  1. Just let me understand... is it the proper behavior because you are not able to make it work properly or because you chose that? If the second is the right scenario, why not just leave to users the possibility to set it as they want? Thanks!
  2. I'm using firefox's specific extension / addon not the bookmarklet. Are you saying that it's the right behavior in Firefox? Will it be fixed? I can't see the point in making a specific extension if it doesn't work properly. It's very annoying... I don't wanna switch to Safari... I love Firefox and I use a number of extensions / addons for my everyday work (I'm a web developer). Are there plans to fix it? I saw that it has been updated quite often but I wonder why no-one has fixed fixed it yet. Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm running across this problem... I've reinstalled the extension many times but it save nothing but text. It's not really useful if you can't save a complete web page with stylesheets and images. Is that a bug or I'm missing something? Thanks
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