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  1. The "Check for Updates" button keeps telling that my Evernote is up to date at 10.5.7, when I know version that 10.6 has been released. I even tried restarting the app.
  2. I use a Services shortcut too, created through Automator (https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/system-wide-word-count-service-macos/).
  3. Hi, I have an assigned Mac shortcut that counts the number of words and characters in selections. It doesn't work on Evernote 10.0.10. Will it work in future versions? Or can this be made an Evernote-specific shortcut in future versions? Thank you!
  4. Notes that have been added to Shortcuts should not also appear in the Recent Notes section, because that's mostly duplicated, and prevents me from seeing more notes I recently accessed.
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