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  1. @avevers Check your 'note history' setting. default is 90 days. a note, and attachments, aren't actually purged until the history expires. i've seen the same report from others and that was the issue. @DTLow maybe we report our departure to let evernote why we are leaving in hopes that it might actually have an impact on future development. vote with your wallet.
  2. User number 4,279, started using Evernote 3/13/2008. Thousands of notes and gigabytes of data. Paying user for 12 years. Evernote's progress meandered sometimes (selling socks???) but it did meet my needs. This latest "update", what a disaster. Features missing. A bloated, ugly, Electron app. I'm supposed to pay $70/yr for this? With my renewal date approaching, I think my money could be better spent elsewhere. I've worked in IT for 30 years and I can't say I've seen a software release that actually regressed a product as badly as v10 did. I will say thanks for keeping Evernote Legacy around to allow me to export my notes to .enex files, v10 kept crashing out when I would try. For now I have moved my collection over to Joplin, import was painless and relatively quick. Funny a 3 year old open-source app is more capable than the latest release from a 13 year veteran.
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