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  1. I can appreciate the space limitation for the UI. The issue I see, though, is that as I accumulate notes, that the current way that the UI is set up can only list the most recent notes first regardless of which notebook that each note belongs to. Right now, I have 30 notes. But after 50, 75 or even 100 notes, the fact that the only sort criteria is by recent order 10 at a time can get a bit laborious on a mobile device, especially when one wants to quickly access specific notes. Also, trying to remember the exact names of each note can end up being a bit taxing. I'm unsure if what I'm thinking can get around the space limitations on a mobile device, but perhaps if there could be, in addition to the search field, a drop-down list, or perhaps (even better) underneath the Search field can list the name of the Notebooks 10 at a time, then clicking on a Notebook would list the notes for that Notebook, again 10 at a time. This way, there's a sense of order and structure inasmuch as a mobile UI requiring limited space can hold. I'm not programmer, and I'm not sure how much space such a scenario would actually take on a device. I'm just throwing it out there. I hope this suggestion helps. Velanche
  2. On my BB Curve 8320 (T-Mobile) running OS 4.5+, and in the BB browser I'm seeing Recent Notes viewed 10 at a time, which is a good start. I also see a Search field at the top and Quick Note, Settings and Sign Out links at the bottom. That's all I see at the moment. I don't see my Notebooks displayed here, but I gather it's a work-in-progress. Looking forward toward any improvements on this, but again a good first step. Thanks!
  3. I received a reply from Evernote Tech Support regarding the issue, and it seems to be affecting users of BB OS 4.5+. In this version, Javascript is turned off by default. It may or may not work once Javascript in turned on in the Browser Configuration settings. Until the problem is fixed (and/or until the Blackberry app is released), it's been suggested that you might want to install a third-party browser such as Bolt or Opera Mini. That's all I have, for now; hope it helps! V.
  4. On the Evernote podcast, the CEO let out that a Blackberry native client will be coming out "shortly." They are working on apps for other native mobile devices, but Evernote has apparently received tons of request for a BB app so the quote may have some weight.
  5. Hello Ken: I've confirmed the settings you've listed. I'm able to log on to evernote.com/m, but still the links are inactive (even though they are displayed) and the end of the page says "You currentlly have no notes." Also, The drop down next to Notebook is inactive. FYI... V.
  6. Javascript is enabled; still no change. I tried restarting and the cache was empty, but no change still.
  7. If you find out anything from them, I'd appreciate it if you can post the fix here. I've tried using Evernote Mobile a few times without success. Thanks! Velanche
  8. Hello: I have a Blackberry Curve 8320 running the Blackberry OS 4.5+. I've been having some issues with Evernote. I'm also a Mac user, and while my notes are somehow not showing up in Firefox 3.0.6 (errors there), they are displaying in Safari 3.1. I'm not so much worried about that, at the moment. My issue is that though I'm able to log on Evernote Mobile Web with my device, none of the links seem to be active whenever I click on them. Further, I have some message saying that Notes cannot be found. If I can please be advised as to how to proceed, I'd appreciate the assistance. Thanks a lot. Velanche
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