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  1. OK - I just want to confirm something before I ***** myself up.... I've looked around and haven't found the answer to this question, so I'm sorry if it's someplace obvious and I've just missed it, but I would like to know, if I go Premium for a month (in order to 'load up' a large volume of documents that I currently have sitting all over my harddrive in pdf form) and then go back to Basic the following month, I'm not violating anything and ***** myself up. I have a work account that I bought a year of Premium for and that's great, but I have this huge amount of backlog of personal things that I keep in a personal account at Evernote and it might require a couple of months of Premium to get it into the system. Will that work? Thanks in advance and I love Evernote - I had been using a TiddlyWiki to manage stuff (and still do for certain things) but I think Evernote rocks!
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