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  1. I'm still trying to find the best solution for (1) keeping tracks of miscellaneous scraps of info and (2) syncing all this between my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

    I use EagleFiler for (1). For people not familiar with it, it is Yojimbo-like in concept, but better, I think. I've been using it for a few years now since switching from SOHO Notes, and really like it. But it has no native syncing abilities. The developer recommends putting the EagleFiler library in DropBox.

    But DropBox doesn't search doesn't work well, and doesn't seem search at all with EagleFiler.

    That's the reason I've been scratching my head over the best way to sync.

    I am also concerned about the privacy thing, so the best solution would be a wifi or even tethered sync directly with my iMac. I wonder why everybody is so blase about keeping their personal data online... I have software licenses and all sorts of info in EagleFiler I wouldn't want to get hacked into. Yet I'd still like access to this info whenever and wherever I need it.

    But if it has to be in the cloud, my main concern is actually being able to find and read things. DropBox and EagleFiler, their recommended solution, just doesn't work because you can't find stuff.

    I've also played with the free version of Evernote. At least with Evernote it actually finds things. That's why even though I continue to use EagleFiler as my main database for "all sorts of scraps of info," when I go out and need to refer to some specific data I end up creating extra Evernote notes so the info is easily accessible to me on my iPhone and iPad.

    One solution would be just moving everything into Evernote and paying them $5/month so I would get all my files supported. But they have an irregular database system (EagleFiler just uses the regular Mac file system) plus I still feel worried about security. I don't believe Evernote has encrypted notebooks or anything like that. Why isn't everybody concerned about leaving all their stuff in the cloud like that?!

    So - I was just wondering what you all did about syncing things between your various devices. And particularly, why you feel secure about using Evernote.



  2. If I receive an email with Apple mail and want it saved in Evernote, is there a way to do so and retain the header info (who it was from, original subject line and date, etc.)?

    I tried various things without success:

    1. I forwarded the email to my Evernote email address. But that doesn't include the sender's from info.

    2. I tried dragging the email into Evernote, but it is an unsupported file type.

    3. I tried copy pasting, but you can't copy paste both the headers and the mail in one step.

    Any ideas?



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