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  1. Good job. I have found that some questions take persistence to get the correct answer. The forum is OK (putting the ridicule aside), but I have found the support group to be fast and accurate getting the correct answer. Oh, and just to clarify, that is a 100,000 limit on total notes. Not a per-month limit. doug
  2. Just out of curiosity, is there a way of checking your total used space on the EN servers? doug
  3. Support has replied to me that the "unlimited" at https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/ is a "typo" and the limit is, in fact, 100,000 notes. I asked them if they intend to fix the "typo." doug
  4. I notice that the stack hierarchy also only is visible in the computer client, not in the iOS clients. The same seems to be true with nested tags. doug
  5. In that same discussion, at viewtopic.php?f=38&t=14181&hilit=maximum+storage#p55551, staff member Dave Engberg wrote: My point is that the page you are referring to, and I am also referring to, clearly says the number of notes is unlimited. So I just want to know - which is correct? doug
  6. Yep - I read that note. It's just a matter of honest promotion and principle is all. Their promotion page is very explicit by saying: (1) The note limit is "unlimited." and (2) "There is no limit to the total size of an account." I doubt if I'll reach the limit. But as a matter of principle, shouldn't companies have to be honest in the way they advertise? If the note limit is 100,000 I really think Evernote are obligated to say that instead of "unlimited." It may not look as catchy. And people may not realize how huge 100,000 really is. But it's factual and true. If that message is out-dated and it truly is unlimited, as advertised, I suggest they change their knowledge base. doug
  7. In another discussion I discovered "stacks". That's just what I needed for a bit of hierarchical organization. Things are much neater now. doug
  8. That first link seems to confirm the 100,000 note limit by an Evernote staff member. If true, the way it is stated on this page: https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/ is untrue. That page clearly says the note limit is "unlimited." And it even specifically says, "There is no limit to the total size of an account." If there really is a 100,000 note limit then saying it is "unlimited" would be false advertising. I am hoping the topic linked to is simply out-dated and that Evernote clarifies this. Either the Knowledge Base or the site promotional information needs to be changed. doug
  9. 10s of thousands of notes should be ok according to the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base says 100,000. Anyway, I've sent off an inquiry to support. I'll post their reply here and then we'll all know for sure! Thanks, doug
  10. Hi, again. I actually had a link to the same reference in my first note. It wasn't necessarily the kb - my question was whether there is a limit to the number of notes, as it says in the database. Or if the number of allowed notes is truly unlimited, as it says in the page I linked to (the same link as yours). Well, we're all just speculating. Unless an Evernote person responds we'll not know for sure. Maybe I'll just open up a support ticket and see what they answer and post the result here. Thanks, doug
  11. No - no problems so far. But please see what it says in the first post. That's from the Evernote "Knowledge Base." What I wanted to know if that information is incorrect or not. doug
  12. Well my question, at least, as mentioned in the first message, is are we really allowed unlimited notes, as advertised, or not? doug
  13. (1) In the Knowledge Base it says: Each Evernote account is subject to the following limitations: 100,000 Notes 250 Synchronized Notebooks (including Notebook Stacks). All 250 notebooks can be shared. There is no limit to the number of Local Notebooks (which aren't synced) you can have. 10,000 Tags 100 Saved Searches (2) At https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/ in comparing the free and premium plan it says: Note allowance Unlimited, upload 60MB/mo Unlimited, upload 1GB/mo (3) In my Mac client under Account Info it tell me that my remaining quota for this month would allow approximately "470,000 typed notes". Which information is correct? If there are limits like 100,000 notes then Evernote really ought to change both its advertising and clients to indicate that. If there truly are no limits to the number of notes, Evernote should change the Knowledge Base. Thanks, doug
  14. One of the reasons I decided not to use Yojimbo was because they were so fanatically opposed to hierarchical folders and insisted on doing everything with tags. It's just nice to be able to organize things hierarchically and browse through them. On the other hand, search is very fast in Evernote. I'm pleased that I can actually find notes! The iPhone app UI is a little awkward (it would be nice to be able to jump out of search without backing up so many pages), but the fact it actually finds stuff, and quickly, makes up for a lot. It almost makes me feel like I don't even need tags. doug
  15. A "touch up" feature for images to mask part of them would be a nice enhancement. doug
  16. I notice the encrypting only works for text files, and not PDF or other docs. I have one file that is a scan of a W2 form, with my SSN on it. Is there any way of encrypting that? Thanks, doug
  17. This is unfortunate. I'm diving in now and importing over a thousand notes in all sorts of categories. But I'm losing all the interesting historical information about when the date was initially created. A lot of it is not vital, but interesting. For example, this note from 2000 from a stay at a hotel in London: It's sort of interesting to know when that was written. And it's not really practical to hand-change the dates on over 1,000 imported notes. Does anybody know another way of dealing with this? Thanks, doug
  18. Now that I'm diving into Evernote more, I'm finding one thing missing from what I usually do - hierarchical organization. Is it possible? For example, I might have 3 customers A, B and C. Right now I have them organized as: Customers -- A -- B -- C So far the only thing I can see to do in Evernote is create three notebooks, all on the same level, and call them Customer A Customer B Customer C to keep them together. Is there a better way? Thanks, doug
  19. I found the solution. There is a setting in Preferences > Clipping you have to check. (See screenshot). [attachment=0]Clipping.jpg[/attachment] If you do that when you restart Safari the Evernote web clipper icon returns. doug
  20. Michael, that was indeed a very enlightening blog entry. This point in particular is reassuring: Evernote can encrypt sensitive data within a note. If you have something within a note that you want to keep private—passwords, financial information, counseling notes, etc.—you can do so by highlighting the data, right-clicking, and selecting “Encrypt selected text.” You will then be prompted to enter a password. In order to view that information in the future, you (or anyone else) will have to enter the password to do so. --- I just tried that and... what could be cooler? It really works. That's a fascinating encryption technique. How do you find the HTML and XML exports? Thanks again, doug
  21. I'm still trying to find the best solution for (1) keeping tracks of miscellaneous scraps of info and (2) syncing all this between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I use EagleFiler for (1). For people not familiar with it, it is Yojimbo-like in concept, but better, I think. I've been using it for a few years now since switching from SOHO Notes, and really like it. But it has no native syncing abilities. The developer recommends putting the EagleFiler library in DropBox. But DropBox doesn't search doesn't work well, and doesn't seem search at all with EagleFiler. That's the reason I've been scratching my head over the best way to sync. I am also concerned about the privacy thing, so the best solution would be a wifi or even tethered sync directly with my iMac. I wonder why everybody is so blase about keeping their personal data online... I have software licenses and all sorts of info in EagleFiler I wouldn't want to get hacked into. Yet I'd still like access to this info whenever and wherever I need it. But if it has to be in the cloud, my main concern is actually being able to find and read things. DropBox and EagleFiler, their recommended solution, just doesn't work because you can't find stuff. I've also played with the free version of Evernote. At least with Evernote it actually finds things. That's why even though I continue to use EagleFiler as my main database for "all sorts of scraps of info," when I go out and need to refer to some specific data I end up creating extra Evernote notes so the info is easily accessible to me on my iPhone and iPad. One solution would be just moving everything into Evernote and paying them $5/month so I would get all my files supported. But they have an irregular database system (EagleFiler just uses the regular Mac file system) plus I still feel worried about security. I don't believe Evernote has encrypted notebooks or anything like that. Why isn't everybody concerned about leaving all their stuff in the cloud like that?! So - I was just wondering what you all did about syncing things between your various devices. And particularly, why you feel secure about using Evernote. Thanks, doug
  22. After reading your note I restarted Safari and can confirm - the web clipper icon I installed disappears. doug
  23. If I drag files into a notebook, the original created date shows the current date, instead of the original created date of the file I'm importing. Is there a way of maintaining the created date of the files I'm importing? Thanks, doug
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