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  1. I'm a premium user and was trying to see how productive I could be on my iPad and immediately ran into the  problem where I could not adjust font sizes via the iOS app. I was editing a note with some large font sizes, originally created on my Mac, which I hoped to use for a presentation in class.

    New lines added immediately following the large font sizes were getting added in a large font, but if a font size got lost, or if lines were added elsewhere, they were getting added in a smaller font, and there was no way to adjust the font sizes!

    So it seems impossible to use Evernote in iOS for creating a presentation. It has to still be cleaned up on a computer afterwards.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to please add font sizes to the iOS app. In the meanwhile, Evernote is on my list for the class of "limitations of using an iPad vs a computer."

    Thank you.

  2. Is it still true you can't change font size with the Evernote client for iPad?

    I was trying to see how productive I could be on my iPad and immediately ran into this problem (I'm a premium user). I was editing a note with some large font sizes, originally created on my Mac.

    But the new lines were getting added in a smaller font!

    I was going to use this note for presentation, so the text needs to be large. But I could not find any way of doing that. Is that really true?!




  3. I've been comparing Evernote with OneNote for the first time and would love to see a few enhancements to Evernote.


    The latest OneNote for Mac (a free app) is interesting, but also frustrating in many cases. It lags behind the Windows version. It even lags behind the iOS version! For example, there is no draw feature, while the iPad and Windows version let you annotate and add more things.

    Also, even though OneNote has these nice "containers" you can move around, and generally much better formatting and image views than Evernote, you can't do simple things on the Mac, such as shift containers down to make space, which you can do in the Windows version.


    One question I had is it really true you can't resize images in Evernote? At least make them bigger? I added an iPhone screenshot to a note, but it was so tiny I could barely see it. And the little blue ball at the bottom didn't help at all when I tried sliding it.

    If I want to draw something I can do it in OneNote on my iPad and then see it sync in the note I'm editing on my Mac, but still... I think there is some way to do draw annotations in Evernote but I've never gotten it to work.

    One advantage of OneNote for iOS is that you can keep all your synced notes offline for free, while that is a premium feature of Evernote. And there are no upload limits. On the other hand, I am a premium user of Evernote, so that makes no difference for me. The OneNote "copy text from a picture" feature is cool. It would be nice if Evernote added that.

    There is also no really good way of importing your notes from Evernote to OneNote on the Mac. There is a 3rd party solution for this for Windows called "evernote2onenote". I tried it and it works, but then the syncing of the imported notes doesn't work well after that. So I gave up on that.

    I'm not sure what to use OneNote for. It seems maybe better than EverNote for things like preparing class notes to project because of the containers, better formatting, and the ability to resize images. It doesn't have a true presentation mode like Evernote does, but the actual formatting of the notes is nicer.  I would really love to see better formatting in Evernote. In Evernote you can't even use tabs to align columns, which has always been a nuisance. In OneNote tabs automatically create tables, which is nice.

    But I'm not sure it can replace Evernote as my catch-all free-form database, where I keep thousands of scraps of info I don't want to keep in my head.

    Just sharing some thoughts,



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  4. Well, guess what. I found a working solution (though I still think it's sort of a dumb thing to have to do).


    In the search field no "notebook" tag was set, so I just assumed it was searching all the notes. But it wasn't. What you have to do is first click "Notes" in the left-most panel. Then your search is of all the notes. Otherwise it isn't. Not only that, you have to do that prior to every single search or the results are not reliable.


    If no notebook is set to search within, and the search field is blank, it seems it should automatically search all notes. But it doesn't. I can replicate this any number of times.


    So until Evernote fixes this behavior I'll just have to remember that each full search is a two-step process: (1) click notes and (2) then search.



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  5. I created another bug report to add to what I wrote above with more test results. I posted this:


    I filed a bug report on this. I also posted at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66997-frequent-problems-with-even-simple-searches-anything-i-can-do/?locale=en.

    It was suggested I document as many as possible.

    Here is another example.

    Via EN Web a search for "hirokazu" gives 4 results, which is correct.

    Via EN Mac I only get 2 of those results.

    Via EN Web a search for "spillum" (a friend's last name) finds 3 results.

    Via EN Mac only 2 of those show up.

    Via EN Web a search for "cathy" (my sister's name) finds 27 results. Via EN Mac only 6 of those are found!

    What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you,


  6. Hi.  I also reported it as a bug report, with screenshots.


    The version of EN Mac is 5.5.2 and upgrades says this is the latest version. Mac OS is 10.9.4 - also the latest version.


    The result using the EN Web Client finds all occurrences of Anthem. In other words, the correct, expected result.


    In the note not found, the word Anthem appears at least 4 times in plain text, and one time in a photo (all of which are highlighted in the EN Web search).


    Actually, I can't find that note again in the EN Mac client, even when I search for "1955" like I did before! It's degrading even as I watch!


    It happens all the time lately. Is there a way to rebuild whatever search index is being kept? Maybe that got corrupted somehow.



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  7. I'm having frequent problems with search. For example,  I was trying to find "Anthem" - which exists in multiple notes.

    If I search for "Anthem" though, Evernote only finds one note - and not the note I was looking for.

    I fortunately remembered that the note I was looking for also contained "1955" so searched for "1955" and found the 2nd note, as well as some other notes containing 1955. The other note also clearly contains "Anthem" in it in plain text. So why didn't it show up in the first search?

    This happens to me all the time and it seems to be getting harder and harder to find relevant notes. I would expect Evernote's search to be clever, but instead it seems to be getting worse and worse all the time. This is basic functionality in a "free form database" like this.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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  8. I'm trying to update Evernote on my Android 2.3.3 device (LG Optimus Bright).

    I updated the Google Play store app.

    And I tried the

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market/Play store > delete the cache and data.


    And I tried rebooting.

    But I am still getting the "Package file is invalid" error.

    I was able to update every other app that needed updating with no error.

    Evernote cannot be uninstalled on my device. It came with this app pre-installed, but it only has an option to download, which brings me into Google Play with the update option.

    Is there anything I can do to install/update the app?



  9. ... Simply put, stop nitpicking something that will most likely never happen....

    ... So, in closing, DROP IT... Let it go and get a life!

    We really don't need "posting police" telling us what we can and cannot post about. And nobody was talking about lawsuits. You're the only person to mention it.

    It's just a question of honesty and principle. If you don't think honesty in advertising is important, fine. Feel free to disagree.

    But how about this - I won't tell you what you can't say if you don't tell me what I can't say.

    I never can understand why somebody inevitably comes along and tries to control what people post. (Speaking of getting a life.)


  10. Sorry - one final thing and then I will shut up (unless more time passes and Evernote still doesn't correct the false info).

    I want to say that I love using Evernote. I really do. I've been through various "note keepers" over the years and now that I have mobile devices I find this the only solution which works for me for portability and searching. I'm amazed at how I can search things like scanned faxes and illustrations. It's easy and quick to use.

    So I'm posting here because I like Evernote, not because I don't.

    But I want to feel that Evernote is on the up-and-up with their promotional materials before I recommend it to co-workers and friends. The way it is now looks "shady" when it doesn't have to be. Don't let the sales department get away with deceptive advertising. The truth will better serve you in the long run.


  11. I just want to make one more point here. I don't think a 100,000 note limit is unreasonable. I only have a couple of thousand notes myself.

    It's just an "icky feeling" left that I'm dealing with a company that seems to be taking advantage of conveying a blatantly false impression in their promotion/sales page. Evernote doesn't seem to care about the false impression they are making.

    I imagine Evernote simply feels they are getting more subscribers by advertising an "unlimited" note allowance.

    It's is a matter of principle really. Evernote should state the limits on the upgrade/promotion page. Or they should not state limits and link to a FAQ with the limits. Anything else but stating "unlimited" next to the "note allowance."

    Any reasonable person seeing that assumes there is an unlimited note allowance and there just isn't.


  12. They actually did make a correction - they changed it so it explains that the overall "size" of your account is unlimited, which is different, but still not completely accurate. I'll ping them again.

    The note limitation has never been hidden, it's always been available on our website, in many, many places, including our FAQ. It's a usability issue - if a user were to create an account with more than 100,000 notes, it would not be a pleasant experience for them - and our users who have extremely large accounts have been very gracious to help us with such usability testing over the years. We *may* consider raising the limit when we can deliver a consistently excellent experience for all users no matter the size of their account, no matter the limitations of their viewing platform.

    It wasn't changed. The popup says what it said to begin with. And you are right, the size of the account is not unlimited - so why does it say it is?

    Also, in the client it reports on the number of possible remaining text notes in this cycle. It tells me I currently have approximately 460,000 typed notes remaining in this cycle.

    It does seem this has been corrected in the web UI finally. But why not on the actual promotion page itself?

    A false impression is being conveyed universally throughout the Internet - in reviews and articles, etc. Evernote has to realize that the page is deceptive and has to know all the articles and reviews are reporting unlimited notes based on that page. The fact there are FAQs you can search for with the details is besides the point. The promotion page does not mention the limit and, in fact, states there is no limit.


  13. And more than another week has gone by and STILL Evernote has not fixed the false information at https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/. This is turning into blatant dishonesty.

    Evernote really should either fix the information on that page, and in the apps - or they should change the actual limits to truly allow unlimited notes as advertised.

    You know, reviews about Evernote appear all over the web, and one point the reviewers consistently make, when comparing with other services, is that Evernote allows for "unlimited notes." They are basing that information on false information put out by Evernote. Information which Evernote has acknowledged is incorrect. Yet Evernote still hasn't take any action to fix the issue.

    Sure, saying, "100,000 notes allowed per account" isn't as "sexy" as saying "unlimited" - but honesty counts.


  14. I have checked, unchecked, and rechecked that box, and restarted Safari 3-4 times, but I can't get the web clipper button to reappear.

    Using Safari Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1). Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

    Any help out there?


    I'm using the same Safari version and same Snow Leopard version as you and the Safari clipper sticks when that option is selected, so I'm afraid I have no suggestions. I hope somebody else does.


  15. Another 12 days later and Evernote still haven't fixed the misinformation at https://www.evernote.com/about/premium/. It's truly annoying. I read lots of Evernote reviews on the Internet which all carry the same misinformation that unlimited notes are allowed, all based on Evernote's own home page. Plus the clients and web interface give deceptive information as well.

    Just for the sake of general honest reputation, Evernote should fix the problem - either by changing their advertising or, even better, keeping their word and allowing unlimited notes.


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