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  1. I was editing class notes for my Sunday volunteer teaching class on my Mac. After editing (which was slow with a lot of beachballs) I synced and went to look at it on my iPad. But the iPad, even though it said it was just synced, was not showing the current contents. Then I went back to the Mac and it was showing sort of a mess of current and past contents. In the edit menu I didn't see anything to undo changes. Is all I edited lost? I had just switched back from Onenote to Evernote this week after a year of doing the class notes in Onenote because I thought Evernote synced
  2. In OneNote you can scale images in notes by dragging on the corner. You can scale larger and smaller. It seems in Evernote you can also scale, but only make them smaller. Is there a way of scaling them larger?
  3. On my Mac I can paste images into a note and then rescale them by dragging a corner. Is there anyway of doing something similar in the iPad client?
  4. You can quickly scroll to the top of a note on the iPad by tapping at the top of the screen. Is there an easy way to scroll to the bottom of a long note?
  5. I'm seeing how much actual work I can get done on my new iPad 5th generation with a keyboard case. It seems quite a lot! One question though. On my Mac Evernote client I am able to add horizontal lines to separate sections in a note. I don't see that in Evernote for my iPad. Is that feature available in the iPad client?
  6. Anyway, I did successfully import from OneNote using the Windows clients inside Parallels Desktop on my Mac.
  7. I might try that later. And I also opened a support ticket. For now, I succeeded using a simple work-around that bypasses syncing. 1. I exported the imported notebook to an .enex file into my Dropbox. 2. On my Mac I imported the notebook. So all the notes are now visible in my Mac's Evernote client, and look just fine. And after importing to my Mac client, everything synced and is visible at evernote.com and on my iPad. I don't use Window for day-to-day work, but I'm curious why it didn't sync, and would like to figure out why at some point. But since I accomplished t
  8. I don't know. But I see all the notebooks in Evernote, and I see any particular note I click on in any notebook. It might be fetching them live. I don't know if it made a complete copy of the database. Anyway, I tried logging out and logging in again and syncing. The activity log does show a sync failure: 08:21:57 [5500] 91% Submitting 250 notes for writing 08:21:57 [5500] 91% Waiting for 1 base writer tasks 08:21:57 [1536] 91% Writing 250 notes 08:21:57 [5500] 91% Waiting for 1 base writer tasks done 08:21:57 [4500] 91% Done waiting for 9 sync tasks 08:21:57
  9. I'm a Mac user, but wanted to import notes from Onenote into Evernote. That feature doesn't exist in the Mac version, but does in the Windows version. So in Windows 10 in Parallel's Desktop on my Mac I installed both Evernote and the Onenote desktop version. After taking its own good time Onenote synced with the cloud. Evernote synced very quickly. Then I did the import of the notebook I wanted from Onenote. That also seemed to work fine and 77 notes were imported into Evernote. But Evernote does not seem to be syncing them to the cloud so they can be synced to my Mac desktop.
  10. I have Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, and Crash Report backups of everything. It seems to be working, but OneNote is incredibly slow with syncing compared to Evernote. I'm redoing it now because I don't think OneNote had everything synced to the Windows version at the time I started importing. Evernote syncing is definitely orders of magnitude faster than Onenote. I can have over a thousand notes in Evernote and immediately see them synced on my iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile Onenote chugs along at a slow pace trying to sync less than 100 notes.
  11. The Windows version of Evernote has a File > Import > from OneNote option. I'm going to try to do this in Windows in Parallel Desktop and then sync up and return to Mac.
  12. I understand that the Windows version of Evernote has an import feature to import from OneNote. I don't see that on the Mac. What's the recommended way to get notes from OneNote into Evernote? I can copy/paste, but one-by-one it will take a long time.
  13. Ah well. I still use Evernote because it syncs well between devices. OneNote syncing is awful. But I have been using OneNote for class presentations because presentation mode is so poor in Evernote and students can't see the notes. Changing the font sizes doesn't help for presentation mode, which seems to be in its own formatted world. I guess I can just not use presentation mode and show the note raw. At least I can set the font size I want for that. Now to figure out how to get my class presentations back into Evernote!
  14. Has this improved over the last year and a half? After using OneNote just for class notes since January, 2016 I'm ready to move back, despite the lack of Evernote formatting options. OneNote's syncing is just too poor compared with Evernote. But there doesn't seem to be an easy way to move back to Evernote.
  15. It's been three years now. Any word on being able to increase the displayed font in presentation mode? People in my volunteer class on Sundays simply cannot see the fonts in presentation mode because they are too small. So I've been using OneNote for class presentations instead. I'd like to return to Evernote for this, but without any control over the size of fonts presented it's impossible. Any word? I'm using a Mac.
  16. I still use Evernote for holding scraps of miscellaneous data that I need to be able to sync and find - though search has its own quirks. But I've stopped using Evernote for things that require formatting, such as class lectures. Instead I have been using OneNote lately, which is better for that.
  17. My experience was different here in two regards: 1. I was using portrait mode the whole time. 2. The problem seemed to be limited just to Evernote app editing. When I copied the text and pasted it into default Notes then editing there was just fine. I was on an iPhone though. Not sure if that matters.
  18. I had written up a draft for a forums post in Evernote on my Mac. I thought I would work on it on the train today on my iPhone. It turned out to be unbearable to do in iOS! It was taking forever simply to correctly select the text I wanted, or to move the insert point around. After about 20 minutes I gave up, selected all the text, copied it and pasted it into the default iOS 9 Notes app. In Notes, all the selecting and editing problems went away. It works fine there! So I know it must be possible. I realized then that Evernote is simply awful for note taking and editing in
  19. It does seem like a strange thing not to implement. I will continue to use Evernote for "all my scraps of miscellaneous data" because it syncs between devices. But I notice even search doesn't always work well. The presentation mode in Evernote premium isn't worth it because when you are in presentation mode you also lose the font sizes!!! I couldn't believe it! So for presentations and note taking, something else is needed I think. doug
  20. Is it still true you can't change font size with the Evernote client for iPad? I was trying to see how productive I could be on my iPad and immediately ran into this problem (I'm a premium user). I was editing a note with some large font sizes, originally created on my Mac. But the new lines were getting added in a smaller font! I was going to use this note for presentation, so the text needs to be large. But I could not find any way of doing that. Is that really true?! Thanks, doug
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