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  1. I tagged a note on my Mac. But the tag doesn't get synced to my iPhone, even though the note did. What can I do to get tags synced? Thanks.
  2. Is there any control over who and what you allow to be shared with you?
  3. I have a note in "Shared with Me" that I can't delete. It's from 2015 and about some furniture it seems. I don't recognize the person with whom it's shared. I'm not interested in keeping the note at all. But all the delete options are grayed out. How can I get rid of it from my Evernote? Thanks.
  4. I also tried to do this via Safari on my iPad. Via Safari I cannot even see existing tables!
  5. Ah. Disappointed yet again. You can do this in Notes on the iPad. I guess I'll have to some copy the table from Evernote to Notes and use it there. I seem to find myself going more and more to Notes lately... Sigh.
  6. I can confirm that the three hyphens no longer create a horizontal line on the iPad.
  7. Yes. In my case it was a single stuck note that wasn't syncing because of one character. If you look through the list of all notes, look for any with a "sync arrow" in the top right. You can export that note and delete and or do what I did was see if there were any funny characters preventing syncing. These were the actual instructions given to me by Evernote support, but it turned out I didn't need to do all that when I found and fixed the one bad note. After fixing it it immediately synced. --- To rebuild your Evernote for Mac database, follow these steps: Export unsynced
  8. Hello. As mentioned above, I started with a support ticket, but support says they are backed up a week and suggested trying Twitter support. I tried Twitter support and they said to open a support ticket. So I posted here, and you're saying to "reach out to support" but that would just take me back to the beginning. Support has all this information. They just aren't responding.
  9. Evernote support seems to be missing in action. I opened up an official support ticket 3 days ago, but at the support site they said it would take a week to get back (I'm a premium member). The site also suggested trying Twitter help, so I wrote them yesterday, and they said I should open an official support ticket. Why doesn't Evernote add enough support staff to get back to people within a reasonable amount of time? Their support has been slow forever. Anyway, I'm turning here to see if anybody has ideas in the meanwhile. Evernote on my Mac is constantly spinning and stopping the
  10. I have a note which contains the following geeky content: If I search for just dontdie no results are returned - the note is not found. But if I search for libdon the note is found. Why? Does Evernote only search or index word beginnings?
  11. I finally gave up on Evernote for class presentations. It's just way way way too flaky to deal with problems between devices and controlling font sizes, etc. It's great for just handling "scraps of data." It's "so so" for searching. It's pretty good for syncing. But it is horrible for presentations. I switched to Google Docs for that. Works great!
  12. I've tried for several weeks now, but it's really hell trying to use Evernote for class presentations on an iPad. Try as I hard as I can, I just can't get the fonts to all be large enough to be seen on a projector. Then I have to stop and try to edit the note in the middle of class and the editing is really difficult with it jumping all over to different places in the note. Evernote is ok for just scraps of data and things. But it's terrible for presentations. I need to find something else.
  13. I gave up on OneNote for various reasons and am trying as best I can to do class presentations in Evernote. But I still have problems with sections of the notes having small text when presented on my iPad (via projector). On my Mac I set the default font to 24 point. I figured that ought to do it. But when I sync, there are many sections of text on the iPad which end up formatted as the smallest font size. For those sections I need to manually select them and from the formatting icon choose the largest font instead. Is there a way of simplifying this?
  14. Last night I edited a class presentation on my Mac. After finishing I waited a bit and made sure it look ok on my iPad. So far so good. I'm on the train now headed for class and I thought of something I wanted to add, so opened the iOS app on my iPhone, waited until it looked like the note had synced, and added a picture. When I was done I scanned through the note, saw some old content and a "conflict" warning. The content is all there but it's sort of scrambled and I'll have to edit it in my iPad after I arrive. Isn't there some way of avoiding these kinds of s
  15. I'll try that next time. I notice that oftentimes even just appending to existing text also doesn't use the same font size as the text being added to. That works differently from other editors I've used.
  16. The default font size for my Mac client is set to 14 pt. When preparing a presentation, I'd like the size to be 24 pt. So I manually select and change the font size to 24 point. Then below it I try pasting in some text using "paste and match formatting" but the text always gets pasted at 14 point. Is there any way to get "past and match formatting" to work? Thanks, doug
  17. But on the Mac this was basically instant editing and on the iPad it never returned from merely trying to center some lines. I was able to do other addition editing on the iPad though, to the same note, such as adding line breaks.
  18. Since they are currently syncing it's probably best to wait until the problem occurs again.
  19. The note I'm editing is a bit long I admit (3.5 MB with images, 1,183 words and 5,623 characters). It's class notes for a lecture for a volunteer class I do on Sundays. I thought I would try to edit it on my new iPad 5th generation since I have a keyboard case. I'm trying to see how much "actual work" I can get done on the iPad. I noticed a few very severe slowdowns. The iPad doesn't have a "beachball" like the Mac, so I'm not sure what is happening. But I selected about 30 lines of text (song lyrics) in the middle of the note and then touched the formatting option to center the text
  20. It did eventually sync over. But took a long time I think. On the Mac, after the sync wheel stops spinning shouldn't it mean it's on the Evernote server? And when the iPad says it finished syncing after that, shouldn't that mean it synced with the Evernote server? Thanks.
  21. It just doesn't seem to be syncing over to the iPad. At least not in a reasonable time. I just did some more editing about a half hour ago. I synced on the Mac. Just now I looked at the iPad and my new content hasn't synced over - even though it says it synced "just now." At least the Mac note didn't get messed up this time. But I wonder why it's not syncing well. Syncing has always been one of the major things I liked about Evernote.
  22. I did do a lot of editing. But I also intentionally clicked the sync icon on my Mac before going over to the iPad. Then on the iPad I "pulled down" to check the syncing status and it said it was done. So I was surprised to see it really had not synced. Usually syncing in Evernote is quite quick and fast. Anyway, I was able to recover from the versions fortunately. Thanks.
  23. Whew. I found the versions and there was one from about a half hour ago that looks ok and I imported it. But I wonder what happened to mess up the syncing to begin with and how to avoid that from happening again.
  24. It seems to be not true on the Mac. You can grab the bottom-right handle to shrink it, and then expand it back to the original imported size, but not expand it beyond that it seems.
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