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  1. It would be extremely useful for me to see total word count of multiple notes. As it stands today, I must select Note Details of each note. Ideally, I could highlight multiple notes and in the window that gives the options to Merge, Create Table of Contents, Move, etc., there would be a total Word Count. Thank you.
  2. Wow, these forums are something else. If you write something about what you'd like to see there's a Level 5 poster that will pounce on you and tell you it doesn't make any sense and that it's a ridiculous request. Shame you on. I came here because I was looking for the same thing... improvements in the Word Count reporting.
  3. I spent a few hours today learning about Roam Research. The Bi-Directional linking would be incredibly useful to me. Evernote can sometimes still feel like it is stuck in the "files and folders" past. Evernote still works very well for me. But then again, it is, far more than any other technology, responsible for how I organize my life. But, Roam's automatic, bi-directional linking feature looks killer! I watched a lot of videos that compared Roam to Evernote, and I do take exception with nearly all of them that didn't even touch on how tagging can work in Evernote. With thousands of notes going back 30+ years (back dating notes is so helpful!) I would love to be able to link that way.
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