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  1. The way I use Evernote is that I have the sidebar on the left, then the note list, then the note content. I believe most people use Evernote this way; Evernote's own screenshots of the program show it set up this way. This is also how most programs work when it comes to display hierarchical content; it makes the most sense. Yet since Evernote 10, when I select a note that is in Shortcuts or Recent, the note list disappears! It is extremely jarring: Evernote resizes the note content area as a result. As another side effect, I cannot quickly switch to another note that is in the same notebook; extra clicks are now needed. It makes it a chore to navigate from note to note. The program is also stupendously slow at redrawing, which makes these hiding/showing shenanigans even worse. Is there a way to pin/always show the note list I am not aware of? It is how Evernote used to behave. But it's not just Evernote: it's pretty consistent behavior across products. Can you imagine if an email program hid the email pane every time you accessed a starred conversation? This is madness 🤪
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