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  1. No, it's really not. Honestly it's a waste of time to have Evernote staff read every post on here. Most of the questions are things that have already been asked and answered, and forum regulars can and do provide the relevant links and information. There are far more efficient ways to collect and organize feedback/bug reports/feature suggestions, e.g. GetSatisfaction. And more efficiency means more time actually developing the product, instead of answering the same questions over and over again.
  2. I don't know the etiquette here regarding necroing threads, but I felt I had to respond to this. Why couldn't you just pick one and point users to it? You said in another thread that you and your colleagues gather feedback from an array of fragmented sources and discuss them at weekly meetings. Considering the size of the userbase, it seems unlikely that you could efficiently identify the features most requested by users.
  3. Will it ever be possible to add hyperlinks/pointers to other notes? I still don't understand why that isn't an obvious extension of functionality. I feel like sometimes the people at Evernote have a hard time seeing that different users may have very different needs. I use Evernote all the time, and it's great for unstructured data that I just need to stick somewhere. That use case seems to be the main focus. But I'm also a student, and materials for a specific course are very structured, yet at the same time interconnected. And Evernote is bad at allowing me to access it in the ways I need to. I put each lecture/assignment/reading/exam in a separate note, but I also make notes to record my thoughts about a particular concept, or to make reviews of the material before a test. It would incredibly useful if, while I was reviewing, I could write down a concept with a brief description, then include a link to the lecture note it was in, to the homework assignment that covered it, or to a note where I wrote down my thoughts about it in more detail. That's just one specific example, but not a week goes by where I don't find another possible use for inter-note links that makes me wonder, "why aren't they working on this?"
  4. (Note: not a programmer, don't know about specifics) Could you have the "mail" button generate and follow a mailto: link? With Gmail Notifier you can have mailto: links open in Gmail. Of course, I'm pretty sure mailto: only allows the body to be filled with text, but I think there are other scripts that would allow you to include attachments, inline or otherwise. Maybe something like this http://www.hotscripts.com/listing/attac ... ler-class/ Or perhaps Evernote could make use of Google Gears somehow. http://code.google.com/apis/gears/gears ... hatIsGears Could any of those work?
  5. I agree with this. Your example is already possible. Check out the Evernote search grammar. Your example would look like: created:20090101 -created:20090201 tag:president author:"Barack Obama" You could even modify (and then save) that search to find notes created in the last 30 days, starting from whenever the search is performed. created:day-30 tag:president author:"Barack Obama" What I would like to be able to is search for all the notes under a parent tag, which could be solved by having notes "inherit" all of their parent tags. But I like being currently able to search for notes that only have the parent tag, without having to specifically exclude all of the child tags. So if tag "inheritance" gets implemented, perhaps it could be accompanied by a modified search syntax: [tag] for notes tagged with [parent] or any of its child tags, and [tag] for notes tagged only with [parent].
  6. This wouldn't affected the viewing issue, but one way for Evernote to make a huge variety of file types searchable without having to maintain each processor would be to incorporate the Google Search Appliance APIs. From the page: Changing everything around to incorporate the Google APIs would obviously take some time, but once done, Evernote would be able to perform full-text searches on a huge number of files. Combining the power of Google Desktop with the current image OCR and multi-platform syncing/capturing capabilities would make Evernote an unbeatable product.
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