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  1. I must say I have a love hate relationship with Evernote. Its availability on the iphone, web and windows just make it such an obvious choice for all my notes and research needs. Execution is great and the team keeps on rolling out new features. But then there are couple of small things (which seem obvious to me as an user and am surprised if the team hasn't encountered them in their use of evernote) which irritate me so much I just can't use it for any serious purpose. Two simple examples: 1. This whole thing about mixing notebooks with tags. When I click on a notebook, it shows me ALL the tags, regardless if they are associated with that notebook or not! How useless. I am actually surprised the users or the creators themselves have never been irritated by this. I have two notebooks: Programming and Humor. I have completely different tags for both obviously but my humor tags show up when I click on Programming notebook, making the tag list navigation pretty much useless! I never use tags thus. I tried in the beginning but gave up! 2. Hierarchical notebooks: I accumulate lot of information. For example code snippets from different languages. I would like to have subnotebooks in Programming to allow me to do that! One could argue tags should help me do that, but then that just seems so unnatural (and how about > 1 levels), and with my above point an unpractical approach altogether. Are sub-notebooks so unintuitive so as not to be supported ? I still use evernote to clip all articles I read online, but am sticking to Treepad Business for my more refined use cases. Evernote is SO good I really hope these simple navigational quirks can be at least seriously looked into and implemented sometime. Anyone who stores any serious amount of information has to be benefited by the above! thanks! Ashish
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