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  1. What has kept me from taking the offer of upgrading to Evernote Premium at 40% off is my concern about continued access to my local notebooks (and now it's almost too late). After hours of searching, I can only find out-of-date information about this (e.g. the plan to discontinue local notebooks announced in 2016 and reversed in 2017). However, the status of local notebooks is brought into question by the Jan 14, 2020, blog by Ian Small (2020 Update). It included this: "since late November, 100% of your note content is now synced and served from a completely new storage system in our cloud. . . . The re-engineered web client (in limited release), the new mobile clients (in first preview), and the (as yet unreleased) new clients for Windows, Mac, and (yes!) Linux, along with the ongoing re-architecture and data migration we’ve been doing in the cloud, will set up Evernote to be able to innovate and ship with quality at a pace we haven’t seen in a long time." Not a word about local notebooks in this blog entry. There's basic information about them via Help, but is that now, or will it soon, be out of date? Can I just remain with version 6.7.1 if I don't upgrade and be ok? Thanks.
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