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  1. Not all notes under the tag filter are displaying. Literary for every tag (with 10 + notes inside). I am getting only a few notes as a result. e.g. - Tag has 75 notes - the app is showing me 5. When checking on the PC it works normally. Funny thing is that in the tree list it is showing correct number of notes inside but when selecting the tag I see only fraction of them.
  2. Anyone else has issue with not displaying all option in the quick option section?
  3. "But we do not need Evernote sync button anymore, all is sync automatically" 😅👌
  4. Every time you are searching particular note you need to consider that obviously it take a few days to eveenote to sync properly. So do not expect Evernote to find text that you are looking for in the recent notes.
  5. Its more minutes than seconds. Once I had 30 minutes. Really not happy about it. It should be instantaneously.
  6. They have been "adressing" this issue for two months already. The result we can all see everyday. Wake up call, Evernote.
  7. While trying to label all unlabeled notes I came across this issue. If I use "native app" and web version and filter all notes without label. there is a big diference of 20 more notes that you can not interact with in any way. The worse part is, that I am not 100% sure If I deleted all of those notes or they were deleted somehow diferently. Nevertheless I can not find them on version 6 neither on mobile client. Please see attached pictures. May I ask dev team to advise what is going on?
  8. Hi, maybe a silly question, but why is not possible to implement? For example Slack has preferences as well. And quite extensive.
  9. I am affraid its more a sync issue. You can not update your note until one of the many sync iterations is done. My opinion.
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