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  1. I see the new redesign is adopting some more markdown like features -- for instance, typing in text in `backticks` will create an inline code section. But only if you type it in. Paste it in? You get the backticks, not the formatting. Copy and try to paste it out into a different editor? You lose both formatting and markup. This really breaks a fundamental need for my notetaking. I want to draft up technical documents in evernote and then copy/paste them into eg. a github issue, gist, etc to share/publish them to my team. Without easy, copy-paste-level-simple import and export of markdown syntax, I will not find evernote's markdown to be sufficiently usable. I hope there are more features coming in the future, now that the redesign has been reimplemented. But you really, really need to communicate that to the users who have been supporting you through the rough years.
  2. I just started using evernote to organize my home and work documents, and I'm more than a little sad to come here and see a 5 year log of people requesting support for markdown with little to no feedback from the company. Instead, I find this thread is full of rude and snide sneering at people who would like to use a commonplace markup language for quickly writing notes. It really makes a bad impression to a new user. As for the feature, Markdown support is commonplace these days, and it shouldn't take 5 years to let your community know what your plans are with this feature. This thread is currently the 5th highest voted feature request on this forum and has been around for years. Maybe it's time to let your paying customers know whats going on with this feature that a large number of users would clearly love to have? Just a little hint as to whether we'll see it or not? Like I said, I'm pretty new to evernote and I'm not *yet* invested. But seeing this thread leaves me concerned that I should try to find to something else before that happens (which I would hate -- I really like everything else about evernote). Specifically, I'd like to just see a markdown rendering mode for displaying markdown files. The editor would simply be a plain-text editor that markdown is typed directly into. It doesn't need to be WYSIWYG or anything fancy to have the basic functionality, just a plain text editor with a markdown renderer for viewing. While the current rich text editor provides a lot of formatting options, one thing missing is inline code markup. For example, the markdown string The variable `foo` is a `double`. would use code formatting for both "foo" and "double". I have not been able to find a way to do this with evernote, but it's a basic markdown feature that I sorely miss when typing notes into Evernote.
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