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  1. I recently upgraded to premium so that I could have the business card scanning functionality. I have no trouble grabbing the info from the business card via the mobile app. However, a major draw for me was the "notes" field so that I could add in information about our meeting or shared projects. None of my scanned business cards are editable in the desktop app. All are locked. The error says "sorry, you can only edit the title of this note because it was created in another app." I used the Evernote app... It appears I can add notes still to the business card via the Evernote app bu
  2. I'm having this exact same problem - Evernote is telling me 2 iphones are using my account (one correctly named as the iPhone I'm using, the other just a generic unknown iPhone). Would love to figure out how to permanently resolve this issue and remove access from the unknown iPhone. For what it's worth, I recently upgraded my phone and wonder if this has anything to do with my data migration. @Marilyn mmmmm did you happen to upgrade recently as well? Would help me narrow down if that's a related issue.
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