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  1. I just reinstalled the extension and it still says tags not supported. I'll submit a support ticket. This only happens with shared notebooks so I'm pretty sure it's a bug or limitation and not an issue with my setup. Happens on all 3 of my computers.
  2. Mac OS X Mojave, latest stable version of Chrome, Evernote 7.5.1. I am not the owner of the notebooks. I am trying to add tags that have already been used in the notebook, but I can't even bring up the tag interface. It says "tags not supported".
  3. I have the Chrome web clipper extension installed. When I save content to a shared notebook, it says "tags not supported." This was not the case in the past. Why has this feature disappeared?
  4. The latest version of the clipper is: You're on 6.13.2 which is why you still have the remark field.
  5. I noticed that the notes field—which allowed adding notes to web clippings before saving them—was removed in the latest version. Why? This was a crucial feature.
  6. Is it possible to clip a full PDF into Evernote using the Chrome extension? I've tried to do it and it doesn't seem to work. It just clips the URL and a blank page appears within the note in Evernote.
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