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  1. I just reinstalled the extension and it still says tags not supported. I'll submit a support ticket. This only happens with shared notebooks so I'm pretty sure it's a bug or limitation and not an issue with my setup. Happens on all 3 of my computers.
  2. Mac OS X Mojave, latest stable version of Chrome, Evernote 7.5.1. I am not the owner of the notebooks. I am trying to add tags that have already been used in the notebook, but I can't even bring up the tag interface. It says "tags not supported".
  3. I have the Chrome web clipper extension installed. When I save content to a shared notebook, it says "tags not supported." This was not the case in the past. Why has this feature disappeared?
  4. The latest version of the clipper is: You're on 6.13.2 which is why you still have the remark field.
  5. I noticed that the notes field—which allowed adding notes to web clippings before saving them—was removed in the latest version. Why? This was a crucial feature.
  6. There are two instances of the Evernote Clipper appearing in the OS X menu bar: How do I uninstall one of them?
  7. Is it possible to clip a full PDF into Evernote using the Chrome extension? I've tried to do it and it doesn't seem to work. It just clips the URL and a blank page appears within the note in Evernote.
  8. Thanks. That clarifies things. The image is in color, but that little icon doesn't look the same on my biz card snaps which indicates it hasn't been OCRd. It has been over 6 hours now.
  9. Thanks. The text is very clear, but maybe it's too much of an angle. It's been several hours since I took it, and I've "re-synced" twice, and still no OCR. I'll try again.
  10. I took a picture of a business card with my webcam, thinking that Evernote would recognize the text. It didn't. Is there some trick to this? I read somewhere that Evernote does this when the note is synchronized with the server.
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