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  1. Thanks for the info, dhawkins1234. I'll be sure to check it out. Re: my earlier post about emailing to multiple notebooks, perhaps a better implementation would be to enable the notebook to evaluate the subject text to determine whether the contents of the email should belong in that notebook. For example, I could set a rule on my "To Do List" notebook that states Email Subject contains the exact phrase "ToDo:", and set another rule on my "Home Projects" notebook that states Email Subject contains the exact phrase "HomeProject:". Then, when I email Evernote, I can write in the Subject: "ToDo: get bread and milk at the store" to email the note into my "To Do List" notebook, and in a separate email, I can write "HomeProject: pick out paint colors" to email a note into the "Home Projects" notebook. All emails that do not evaluate against a rule would be placed in the default notebook. Make sense?
  2. 1 more that I had forgotten. This is most important for me. 5. The ability to place notebooks into folders. I have to resort to tricky naming conventions to keep like notebooks next to each other, and I'm also getting to the point where I can't see all my notebooks without scrolling.
  3. Evernote Team, Great product! Wanted to pass along a few ideas for you to consider in future releases: 1. All Notebooks keyboard shortcut - it would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to bring the focus "All Notebooks", since 95% of the time I want to search through everything rather than a specific notebook. 2. More robust advanced search - make advanced searching more accessible. Today I can search for text, keywords, author, creation/modification date, but I can't easily connect and/or conditions to multiple statements in a query. For ex: show me all notes created in January tagged "president" where author is "Barack Obama"... 3. Be able to email directly to more than one folder - I would like to enter GTD to-dos into the "Inbox" notebook, while emailing a favorite restaurant into the "Restaurants" notebook, for example. 4. Delicious sync - this would be killer if Evernote automatically added new Delicious bookmarks. Thanks!
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