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  1. Beta tester request: How to send a screen shot to Evernote Dev Team from within Evernote? Possible ways: 1. Can you provide an email address - where I can directly send you a note from Evernote ? - i.e. - select note, " SHARE to evernoteideateam@evernote.com " or 2. A link on 'right click' note - to 'send note to Evernote Suggestion Team' - this is a BETA - so this functionality can be removed after beta testing is concluded. or 3. an added applet or plug-in - or script - that adds a 'send us a note' within Evernote - 4. a button - that says 'emai
  2. Windows 10 - Chrome browser - What I'm doing: Notebook sorting and organizing... What I'd like to do - is see what 'type' of note is saved... without having to open them individually. ----------- In other words: Notebook - Want to add Columns for each 'type of note' 1. When I'm sorting out Notebooks (in Google Browser) - I'd like the option to have a title bar -column selection, so I can see what type of notes are added (links, youtubes, articles, etc) - as it currently is - I cannot see what type of note it is - I might be tempted to create subnotebooks for
  3. Undecided on Beta yet - but do have suggestions: 1. Can I have an option to have a 'link' for a note that might be in Notebook1 - - i.e. - select the note, right click, or ... and click 'send as shortcut to... ' and I'd select 'Notebook2' - or - i.e. - select the note, and select 'Shortcut copy to... ' and option such as 'copy to another Notebook' - and it would give me list of my current notebooks to select - as I might want the same note to be in several notebooks, but without the physical file in each. Please let me know if these features or new options are included. I
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