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  1. Same issue I'm having, but both files are at the 25MB file size BUT I can't even delete text or images in the file to make it smaller. No changes will save. "Saving note to folder". "Failed to save note". I see people having these type of file saving errors for years on the forums. I bragged about this platform to a lot of people but it seems to be plagued with technical glitches. How can Evernote expect to convert basic users to premium with basic features failing?
  2. That's silly. File transfer (FTP) is really old technology and so is the transmission (TCP) of files which works with software (the application layer/Layer 7 of the OSI model) to guarantee the file and all packets are received. If your connection drops TCP will notify the application layer, which the software in this case Evernote should inform the end-user that the file transfer (a note change/update) failed and needs to retry. The file should be saved locally regardless and stored until it can be synced with Evernote's servers. This is not new technology. Files not saving correctly is a completely different animal than a premium feature/benefit of wanting to retrieve a previous version of a file that an end-user successfully and intentionally overwrites.
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