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  1. Thanks for your reply, JMichael. Sure, Acrobat handles Norwegian very well. Have you managed to set it up so that you can scan to Evernote via Acrobat with only the one click on the scanner? Perhaps using a Apple script to create a watched folder would to the trick. I'm not certain about the reliability, though.
  2. I got my Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 today. My plan was to use is for scanning my mail and documents to Evernote. I was very excited about going paperless and all until I realised that the Scansnap software does not support OCR in my language. Norwegian, that is. Right now I am wondering if I should just return the scanner, or if there might be some way around the problem. My first idea was to let Evernote do the OCR. However, Evernote does not support Norwegian text recognition at this point. So... Say I upload my PDFs now and let Evernote scan them using a dictionary similar to Norwegian (such as Danish). And say Evernote gets Norwegian support one day. Will I then be able to reprocess all my PDFs on the Evernote servers? (In one operation?) According to Evernote's public language availability chart, Norwegian OCR support is "waiting for web client". What does that mean? And what can desperate Norwegian Evernote users do to help speed up the process? I notice that I can right-click a PDF in Evernote, open it in Acrobat, and OCR scan it from there. After saving, the (Norwegian) PDF in Evernote is now perfectly searchable. It works great. Is there any way I could batch process all the PDFs in my Evernote account using Acrobat, ABBYY or some other OCR software? (In that way I could run that process every once in a while.) Do you know of any other Mac OCR software that can receive a file, process it and automatically transfer it to Evernote? (To achieve one-click scanning.) Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated!
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