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  1. I am new to Evernote and the ONLY purpose of this for me is to keep track of my Craft Supplies especially Stamps, Dies and Stencils. So thinking that I was smart, I downloaded the App on my phone and Windows Laptop. Once that was done, from the App on my Laptop, I then created several different "NoteBooks" or what I would call "Folders" for my different categories like so: Dies Stamps Dies and Stamps Stencils Before deciding to pay for the service, I want to test the water so this being said I know that I have a limit to how much I can sync per month. Keeping that in mind, I decided to start by downloading the Evernote Extention so that I could use snapshots of my product from the web and tag it all right away. This was easy enough, item by item went in their respective "Folders" as I like to call them. Knowing that I only have limited uploads I was surprised that it was letting me do multiple so I checked my phone and yes everything that is on my Laptop App is also on my phone BUT I then went to the Evernote WEB to check how much storage I had left and that is when I noticed that ONLY one folder is syncing to the WEB meaning that I did not yet use up all my Data for the month but how is it possible that it's going to my phone though? I understand that the WEB portion must be that ONLY one of the Notebook (folder) is setup to Sync (only one has that little arrow beside it) but I don't see HOW to change the other NOtebook to sync. I read on this forum that you can have folders that will only sync when you are ready (next month for example) so how do I set that up? Also, how do I know when I am almost over my DATA as it doesn't seem to send any warning. As for paying to have more upload, can I pay only when I need it? For example, this month I might need more upload but then I won't need it for another 2 months, is that doable? Are my files stored in the cloud or directly on my computer? I think that once it's synced it's no longer on your pc or am I wrong? Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure that I don't spend hours on something to end up realizing that I lost it all... Last question, is it possible to have the ENTIRE Screen Black and not only the Left Side? Thanks in advance, I can do a screenshot of what I did if it would explain my questions better.
  2. Someone mentioned a green bar on top of the page... I do not see that. In fact, my pages look completely different than what other seem to see. I am new to this, how do i create folders that do not sync for when I am almost done my monthly storage? I have a lot of things to catalog so I know that the first month or so I will have to figure something out. Once I am done my backlog, I will probably only use a few MB per month or even none at all so I will not worry later but it's now that I need to understand how it works. Thanks
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