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  1. Since google went and disabled their IFTTT integrations in May 2019 I've been trying to find a reliable replacement. The obvious one is Zapier, and they have exactly the template for this (https://zapier.com/app/editor/76053585?simple=true ) but when I set it up, I always get a note in evernote that is in full text with all the markdown and no images. With IFTTT I would almost always get a perfectly formatted email with images just replicated in an EN note. Does anyone have advice on how I can get my Zapier automation to give me the result that I use to get with IFTTT?
  2. I had exactly this setup in IFTTT, but they removed most of the gmail integrations from IFTTT in May when Google changed their policy around 3rd party integrations (to do with privacy). This use to work awesomely well for me, and I can't seem to recreate it in Zapier. An automation recipe is listed for this in Zapier (https://zapier.com/app/editor/76053585?simple=true), but I always get a result in evernote that is raw text with all of the HTML markdown and no images or layout. This makes it pretty much useless to me. I haven't been savvy enough to be able to fix this - would love some help?
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