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  1. The markdown support is certainly important. However, from my perspective it has two main features: the import of .md formatted files and the "on-the-go" edition. The former has not been done, but it seems like an easy problem to solve. Translate, create the file and continue, should be straight forward. The latter is the complicated one. Nevertheless, have you used Evernote lately? I mean, the support for Markdown is partial, but it is there already. I checked it today and I was gladly surprised since this is a very useful feature. Just try it out! (# + space) gives you the biggest header. (## + space) gives you the second biggest. There is also the auto-formatting that you can find here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001758468 You will say "cursive and bold is not supported!". True, it is not supported yet, but in the meantime you can do (ctrl + b) and (ctrl + i). It works just fine and you probably are used to those shortcuts anyways. I do expect the feature of fully supporting Markdown comes, but the effort that has been done in this is great comparing with the state of the product 5 years ago. Be grateful and help them prioritise which Markdown formatting to support first. The whining attitude is helping no one.
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