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  1. Is this possible? The current Firefox clipper clips the page in the standard format. I really want the PDF option though, as i depend on it for bookmarking. Any word/work around? Thanks.
  2. I want smart folders. I love smart folders. Please don't inform me about 'Saved Searches'. I don't like them. They are awkward, and just not Mac-like. I ALREADY know about it's integration with Spotlight, but i don't want that either. I want smart folders - right there, in the left pane, inside Evernote. I'm sure MANY will agree. My question is a simple one - will there EVER be smart folders in Evernote for Mac? Your answer? A simple Yes or No will do. Please consider this, it's the only thing missing from the desktop client to make it 'fully-integrated'. Cheers.
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