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  1. hace 2 minutos, Dave-in-Decatur dijo:

    I just tested this, and I got the same result. The one exception is that in the Beta version of the Evernote Web editor (not the Classic version), the table does not disappear: the material in the table is centered, but the table as a whole remains on the left. The same thing happens with making the text flush to the right margin, or justifying it (in the Windows program).

    So it does appear to be a bug. May I ask why you want to do this? Generally speaking, although the editor functions of Evernote are improving in the Web version, I doubt that it will ever be a truly sophisticated text formatting tool. It is meant for taking notes (and for storing materials online), but not for well-developed writing projects, which require a real word processor. In my opinion, at any rate.

    I am organizing some documents to print as study material. In my case, Evernote seems very suitable for organizing multiple documents better than a conventional word processor. It is a pity that this limited some fairly basic functions like this. Thanks for your confirmation!

  2. Every time I want to center a table it disappears. Has anyone been able or is it an Evernote error? I've tried it both in the web client and in the windows software. I mean center the whole table with respect to horizontal margins (not center his content) Thank you

  3. hace 22 horas, Dave-in-Decatur dijo:

    Assuming your other notes are present in the Windows program, go to the Web version of Evernote, which shows the master version of your notes from the Evernote servers (https://www.evernote.com/client/web) and log in, making sure to use the same credentials as you use for the Windows program (otherwise you'll accidentally create a new, empty account--it's surprisingly easy). See if the note is present there. If it is, try duplicating it just for safety's sake, then syncing the Windows program, where the note should then appear. If it's not present in the Web version (and not in the Trash), then it may not have gotten synced from the Windows program, e.g., if you closed the program or shut down your computer before syncing (though even then the program should sync before closing down). If all else fails, and it's worth it to you, you can subscribe to Premium for just one month, giving you access to Note History and tech support. If the note ever synced at all, some version of it should be available in Note History. Then you can drop back to Basic. Hope this is some help.

    I think my notebook ran out of battery at some time of the night, but I thought that Evernote makes synchronizations every so often, so it seemed very strange that it has not been saved. Evernote then synchronizes every time you close or open the program or when you close or open a note? It is not very clear to me.
    Thank you very much!

  4. hace 6 minutos, Dave-in-Decatur dijo:

    Hi, and welcome to the forums. In what version of Evernote did you create the note: Web browser, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS?

    Hi, thanks!

    I always use windows software

  5. Hello,  I made some very important note so that I would not forget. Today when I open Evernote and look the note does not appear. What could have happened? I am 100% sure that I wrote a new note as I modified it once or twice to add later thoughts. I am very frustrated, I really need that information now. But there is no trace of the note. I appreciate any help

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