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  1. I am organizing some documents to print as study material. In my case, Evernote seems very suitable for organizing multiple documents better than a conventional word processor. It is a pity that this limited some fairly basic functions like this. Thanks for your confirmation!
  2. Every time I want to center a table it disappears. Has anyone been able or is it an Evernote error? I've tried it both in the web client and in the windows software. I mean center the whole table with respect to horizontal margins (not center his content) Thank you
  3. I think my notebook ran out of battery at some time of the night, but I thought that Evernote makes synchronizations every so often, so it seemed very strange that it has not been saved. Evernote then synchronizes every time you close or open the program or when you close or open a note? It is not very clear to me. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello, I made some very important note so that I would not forget. Today when I open Evernote and look the note does not appear. What could have happened? I am 100% sure that I wrote a new note as I modified it once or twice to add later thoughts. I am very frustrated, I really need that information now. But there is no trace of the note. I appreciate any help
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