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  1. I've managed to have to the Evernote Python API work and display notes (using the getNoteContent(noteguid) directive). But I would just like to display the title of the note (not the notebook). The one that is referred as : note.title = "Test note from EDAMTest.py" When creating a note with NoteStore.createNote(note) I tried a thousand things, never made it work. Searched on the Internet for it, nothing. And to be honest, the Evernote API doc is lame and outdated. So please, does someone know how to do it? Right now, this is how I display the content of the note : mcdvoice note = note_store.getNoteContent(noteguid) notestr = ET.fromstring(note) for child in notestr: chose = check,' ',child.tail # that's the en-todo checklist type of note... Thank you in advance for any clue or answer!
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