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  1. I have been an EN premium member for years but I lost my job and times are tough right now so I am on the free plan but I am almost ready to just give up on EN entirely because the windows desktop app is essentially inoperable because of this pop-up message requesting you to upgrade your account (see below) No matter how many times you close the pop-up , click "no thanks" , or even hit "upgrade": it just goes away for half a second and re-appears again! It is so pervasive that I cant even create new notes or open old ones because it wont let you do anything while the pop-up is there I have tried to reinstall , use the Esc key, etc and NOTHING WORKS Please advise , I dont want to leave EN but I will be left with no choice if this cant be resolved (it only happens on the Windows Desktop app for both windows 7 & 10)
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