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  1. You can consider it whatever you want but right on the homepage of the site TODAY it’s still calling itself a note taking app. “Your notes. Organized. Effortless. Take notes anywhere. Find information faster. Share ideas with anyone. Meeting notes, web pages, projects, to-do lists—with Evernote as your note taking app, nothing falls through the cracks.” I’d say wasting time scrolling to where I just was because my phone went to sleep doesn’t fit the “find information” faster promise they’re making here. (marketing promise, not legit promise). It’s fine you use it as a database and editor , I use it for that and note taking. Or rather, I did. After so many inane replies to honest comments, I’m leaving Evernote pro. I’ve been an Evernote user since 2011 and I’m done. The features I loved are gone and a few bad faith users are souring the experience further.
  2. Where was the helpful comment in this? I never demanded Evernote to develop and deliver anything on the spot. (In fact, the app didn’t used to jump back to the top—it used to remember where you were). I don’t appreciate the antagonistic response and honestly, you’re making the experience of using Evernote worse. Instead of helpful replies, all you’re offering is denigration. Between the bugs (functions that were there and are now gone) and glitches and hostile users in the forums, I think I’ll just find a new app that isn’t aging and bitter 😉 Nobody has time for this childishness.
  3. This is nonsense. What’s the point of a note taking app if I can’t take the notes I need to take? Limiting my notes to one screen (on mobile since it’s my smallest screen) is ridiculous. I might as well just use a google doc or the built in notes app if there is a functional limit on how long a note can be. Looking at your quote and my reply—that would be the max length of a note and that’s useless. If something is only a few lines long I probably don’t need a dedicated app to store it. Your reply (on this and other posts) makes it seem as though you feel called to be the champion of Evernote and defend it from users asking for helpful features, and making them feel like they’re the only ones with such an “edge use case”. It comes across as demeaning and mean spirited which I assume is not your intent. I would hope you’re trying to be helpful in taking the time to reply. Frankly, in my experience, most people wouldn’t even think beyond “this is how it works and it’s sucks, I’ll switch to something new” much less take the time to find out the ability to request features even exists and log in to make a thoughtful reply. As a fellow human, please realize we are all just trying to find the easiest ways to get done what we need to get done and we are often not alone. We come here to find help, support, and Answers from fellow Evernote users, not to be belittled or endure snarky replies that serve no one.
  4. How is it 2020 and this is still an issue? it’s making Evernote unusable for me. I often refer to my recipes in Evernote and I don’t remember it doing this but now every time my phone locks, it jumps back to the top of the note which is tedious and time wasting. it’s annoying all the time but that’s the most annoying—when I just need to double check a measurement or temp and have to scrollllllllll back to where I just was. this is clearly not a feature request since it didn’t seem to do it before. im experiencing this issue on an iPhone XS, iOS 13.3 (the most recent available) and Evernote (also the most recent available according to the App Store). I’m a premium user and have been for years but this janky issue (among others) has me looking to switch. I used to love Evernote and recommended to everyone. If this issue persists (and it looks like it will seeing as this is as old as at least 2016) I won’t be recommending it anymore and I sure won’t be paying for it.
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