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  1. How can I stop the annoying tip of the Day messages IN android Legacy? I have turned off all notifications but they keep coming Thanks
  2. What alternatives are there? I really don't want to leave Evernote, its always been good, and as long as I can use legacy Android & Windows, I'll try to stay with them.
  3. I am only able to stay with Evernote by using legacy Android and Windows versions. The new Android app is so slow, I can go away and make a cup of tea before it starts, but when it does start, it is so badly designed, I wish I hadn't opened it. What was the goal of the new app 'Hey, we've got a great app here, everyone likes it. Lets see if we can ruin it'.
  4. The Android update is not an update it is a suicide note. it so bad, I cannot use it. For some reason, if I delete then reinstall Evernote, the legacy version is installed, then is updated. So if you do this, then disable automatic app updates, you can keep the legacy version - which actually works. Why does Evernote destroy a good app, and replace it with an app that is so bad? Do they want to get rid of us customers? Do they want to go out of business? I have never seen a company destroy its own product like this.
  5. Is there any way to get back to the old version of the app? The new version is badly designed and just terrible. There is a big blue EDIT box at the bottom. Why? If I want to edit I just press where I want to edit. HOW can they take a great app, that works perfectly, and destroy it?
  6. I install Evernote, then put a shortcut to my note on the hone screen - just as I've done for years. Then 24hs later, the shortcut stops working, the app will not let me put a shortcut to the note on the Android home screen. So I uninstall and sure enough 24 hs later it happens again. So I reinstall again and again it breaks. Anyone know how to fix this Thanks Here is the broken shortcut and the menu without shortcut.
  7. I'm using Windows 10 thanks can you also tell me how to access my note history. i can't find it anywhere. The instructions say to click on the 3 dots and go to history, but there is none there. I have a Premium account but cannot find it anywhere. tahnk you
  8. I want to view my history but every time I try to log in, it asks me for my Google email address to verify my password. I don't have a Google email address, thus cannot log in! This is crazy. Why should I have a Google email address? Can anyone let me know how to get into the website to view my notes? Thanks
  9. This update is a suicide note. The update is still very badly designed, I'm sticking with legacy until they fix it.
  10. Simple Note caused a lot of problems when I used it last year, it was very bad at updating and always crashing. I really was happy to be with Evernote, far more reliable. I'm hoping Evernote 10 will be fixed.
  11. Yeah, what do we do, reset the darn thing every time we open the software? I hope they fix this, as for me, I'm sticking with the old version
  12. There is nothing aggressive or wrong about talking about leaving or discussing alternatives. I have not seen any demonization, or any uncivil language, certainly not on this page. Most people here are polite, helpful and genuine. Talking about a leaving is not a 'strategy' it is a genuine conversation. They have made good suggestions, and I have seen no personal attacks. If someone has used has behaved badly, they are certainly the exception. I have not seen this. There is nothing wrong with honest discussion, and it should be encouraged, not called 'negative'.
  13. Joplin Does it update online, like Evernote, so that I can have a note on several devices, that is constantly updated to the latest version? Thanks
  14. Interesting, how do you find using Nimbus on a PC, not as an app but as a web page, is that easy to get used to? I don't want to leave Evernote, but 10 is so bad, so very very bad, so unbelievably bad. I can hang on as long as I can use the old version.
  15. But not a separate app in Windows, only a web page, which I'm not so keen on. I'll stick with the old version of Evernote for now Is this company trying to commit suicide?
  16. New version is terrible In Notes Cannot remove note list Cannot remove Left column Cannot remove spellcheck Cannot remove formatting bar Cannot customise toolbar at top of note The new version should be called 'Cannot 10.0'
  17. Nimbus - is it any good? This new version is so bad I am going to have to cancel my subscription and move elsewhere. I am using the old version of Evernote for now, I hope it continues. The 'upgrade' is terrible.
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