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  1. I fixed this by allowing permissions in the system preferences, under security and privacy -> screen recording.
  2. I have the same issue. Skitch seems completely broken. This is on a fresh install on a M1 macbook pro.
  3. To be clear, the time screen snap does exactly the same as the non timed version. Even with the timer set to 10s in preferences.
  4. This still does not work, 7 years on. Its amazing that a major bug is still not fixed. 10.14.4 on 2 external monitors.
  5. Please add a setting in preferences to always "copy" any snipped image. This would make skitch so much more usable, convenient and fast. Every time I use skitch, I do the following: open skitch select the area of the screen to snap snap the image hit Ctrl-v to paste the snapped image into an email or doc. This fails because skitch doesnt copy snipped images by default. Go back to skitch. SEarch for, and navigate to Edit->copy Image Got back to my doc. Finally can hit paste. This is a pretty major missing feature which make skitch extremely painful to use, and only needs a few lines of code to make it perfect (for me and probably thousands of others).
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