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  1. Hi all, I am relatively new to evernote but I have been playing and mastered the basics. I have evernote installed on a wondows 10 laptop and a galaxy tabs6 (android) and the problem I am having is that I can not annotate PDFS on the android ( I can on the laptop). I can open the PDF on the tablet in the app, I can actually make the annotations, then when I click done I get a "resource not changed" error and lose all the annotations and everything . I have tried this with multiple PDFs and have the same problem no matter what, and I was able to open the same PDFs in another program and annotate them there. I have looked all over the web looking for a solution and found nothing. Anyone else having the same issue or found a fix? I have upgraded to the deluxe version of evernote (whatever they all it) but if I can't annotate on my tablet (which has the touch screen and pen etc) it will be a deal breaker because that was the whole point. ANY help would BE GREATLY APPRECIATED thanks J
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