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  1. Is a similar upgrade being worked on for the Firefox extension? Please? Dave (An Evernote user since it was a paid Windows XP Tablet Edition application)
  2. While enhanced functionality would be great, could Evernote at least add barcode recognition to the paid product and make the barcode value copyable (sort of an enhancement to the existing OCR)?
  3. Currently, sharing a web page with Evernote creates a note with the note title equal to the page title and the note text equal to the page URL. Ideally, I would like full Web Clipper and Clearly as extensions available to Firefox on Android but I understand that this isn't going to be available any time soon. In the meantime, could you add an option to copy the entire web page to a note wnen you share it? If Android share doesn't allow that, could you add an option within Evernote for Android to highlight the URL and copy the referenced page into the note text? Thanks, Dave Premium member since Evernote was a paid Windows only application.
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