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  1. Thank you for responding (so cool). However, how do you get a list??? I went to All Notes searched the term todo:false and it pulled up 15 notes that had the box which means I have to scroll through the 15 notes to find the todo box - items. It would be amazing if the todos could be consolidated on one list and then I would save the search. Please tell me that is possible. Thanks Again
  2. I create a new folder for every topic, hence I have To Do's in each of the 50 folders. Is there anyway to consolidate (tag ?) the To Do items into one To Do folder. This way I could go to the main To Do folder and see everything I have to do not withstanding which folder it is in. Once I did it, the item would be deleted from the main To Do page but would stay in the original folder and would be marked as done. Help!
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