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  1. It's true--you can copy text and export notes in Kindle. But the highlighting is so slow and any typing to annotate is so cumbersome it makes it fairly impractical.
  2. I know this thread is over six months old now--but I'm curios if anyone has had any experience using one fo the Onyx Book ereaders to read and take notes from Kindle ebooks. I like to copy passages from books as I read them and would like to be able to paste them directly into Evernote. But no one can seem to tell me if the Kindle app, when installed on the Onyx, will allow copying. Thanks.
  3. It looks like there isn't a super-simple way to do this but thanks for the shortcut suggestions. I didn't know about note merge--that's super helpful.
  4. I'm using Evernote on MacOS and have the Chrome extension. When I find an article on a web page I want to read, I usually take notes by copying and pasting excerpts from it. Right now I save the entire article using the Evernote chrome extension, and then while reading it in Evernote create a separate where I copy and paste excerpts from the full article. I also tried reading the article online and using the Chrome extension to save a clip instead of the full article. That works for the first excerpt I want to copy. But then when I copy another clip in the same article, Evernote creat
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