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  1. Same ("Sorry, we're having some trouble. Try reloading the page." on about half of my notebooks, but reloading doesn't help) with 10.5.7 on Windows. A few days ago I found my PC suddenly totally crippled. On closer inspection, I found: That's ~75 *gigabytes* ... and then there's the daily popup telling me that I already have the latest version. I guess I'm going to have to look for the legacy client too ... or some alternative to EN 😕
  2. Yep. Came here to find out if anyone else is seeing this. 😒 Seems to happen every day in the 00 UTC hour, and started about a week (or maybe two) ago.
  3. Fairly new user here. I'm experiencing some inconsistency with the Windows client ( w.r.t. indenting and tabs. In the web editor, hitting the Tab key increases the indent level, and Shift-Tab decreases it. In the Windows client, the Tab key seems to insert four spaces, and Shift-Tab doesn't do anything. I create a note in the web client, and use Tab to indent, say, the last line. I then open that note in the Windows client (the last line is indented). I hit Enter to continue the note. The new line is also indented. There doesn't seem to be any way to decrease the indent a
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