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  1. I finally downloaded the most recent version of Evernote. I didn't know about the move to a 100% cloud-based Evernote until I tried to open one of my notes. WTF is this spinning disk? Why don't I see my note as soon as I click on it. You see, I'm in the boonies, connected to the internet via satellite. It's not dialup slow, but it's slow. I've resisted most cloud services that require me to have instant access to my data to work. I've been with Evernote since 2008. I was actually looking forward to the update. Now I'm so disappointed, sick to my stomach even. I understand why it was done. It makes sense. But as most companies have done, they make decisions based on what they see in their bubble, which unfortunately means a high speed connection. Interesting note: a Microsoft study last year found that 162 million Americans lack broadband internet — nearly half the US population.
  2. You might want to update this page then: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012107027 Is there a way to download a previous version of Evernote? The iMac I'm using will only upgrade to 10.12. No 10.13 in our future.
  3. I know this may be an older thread, but I frequently use Evernote on client locations when contracting which means I have to use the web version. This can be a real pain when creating note links.And while the above solution that Stuhrer offers works (thank you kindly, Stuhrer), it is still clunky. I've recently installed an incredible script that deserves mention that works flawlessly in the web version. It's called Evernote Web in-app note link. Basically it installs some javascript in your browser that reveals the internal evernote link. See the attached image. You'll have to install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey depending on your browser.
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