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  1. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only person unhappy with the latest version. I joined during the beta, and was willing to live with some flakiness while they worked out bugs. Seeing that it released in this state, however, is a demotivator honestly. I've been using Evernote daily for 10 years, both home and work. I have a paid account, and 12,000 notes.. The missing features, the poor speed, and the general lack of stability I've seen in the Mac version has me disappointed ... I reported these issues in the Beta surveys, random empty notes requiring me to restart.. Random duplicated notes that I can't delete (Move to trash is greyed out until a restart). Notes changing titles, the unintuitive UI changes (I can't click on the Notebook name anymore to move a note, there's a new button next to it.. Moving the Notebook & Tags to opposite ends of the notes), it's just annoying... Evernote is no longer "fun to use" I won't cancel my account, but I won't go back to v10 until I'm forced or I see some real improvement in the system. I'm rolling back to 7.14_458244 (Thank you homebrew)
  2. Sometime recently, my iphone has simply stopped uploading photos to Evernote. I use the Document Photo feature a lot, and recently whenever I do it I see the following: New photo note Take a pic Hit "Done" Edit the note to add a title and tags. Then, the note seems to get stuck with the green upload arrow, and never finished. I can see a note with the same properties on my Macbook, but the image is just a giant blank. The image loads fine on my iPhone, but seems to never actually upload. I've tried it multiple times with multiple notes to no success. I just installed the ios evernote update (June 11, 2018 9:56:50 PM) and see no improvement. Anyone else experiencing this?
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