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  1. I've been using v5 for Windows for about a week now. Shortcuts are a great idea. The UI improvements look good. One thing I do not like is that the title bar of open notes no longer contains the note title. This makes it difficult to tell apart multiple open notes. In fact, you can't even tell what note you're looking at once you scroll down past the title area. This really isn't functional -- please go back to putting the title on the title bar.
  2. @engberg, thanks for taking the time to explain what's going on here. It seems to me that the problem is that the OLD functionality was very intuitive for certain kinds of tasks, and the NEW functionality is intuitive for others. I would really like to have BOTH options in the single clipper extension (rather than having to keep both the bookmarklet and the elephant head on my browser toolbar). Advantages of the old functionality: - I'm on an older computer, so I don't like to run programs in the background unless I have to. For certain tasks, I keep the Evernote software open because I want to be able to clip from a variety of sources (screenshots, camera, web, etc.). But often I simply browsing the web and see something I want to clip. It would be nice to just click the elephant head and have it clip to the web version without having to go through the extra step of opening the E3 software and then closing it again afterward. - Also, even if I didn't mind opening the software in this case, the clip goes automatically into the active notebook rather than giving me a choice. So now I have to go into the E3 software interface and drag my clip to the appropriate notebook. With the java clipper, at least I could choose the notebook on the pop-up. The local software needs to have this option on the popup (in addition to the tags button, etc.) so that the user can do this obvious task in a single step. Advantages of the new functionality: - When I'm clipping a bunch of stuff at once for the same project, it is nice to have Evernote default to the active notebook and quickly store the stuff on my computer. Recently I've been planning a trip to Barcelona, so I made a "Barcelona" notebook in the E3 software and filed all of my web research there with a single, easy click of the elephant head. This was really nice (but only for this kind of project). Here's one idea for implementation: Put a little arrow dropdown on the elephant button with options for "Clip to Evernote Web" or "Clip to Evernote Local" (or some such wording). Then have a setting in the background that lets the user choose which of those is the default behavior for clicking the elephant. If the user wants the non-default behavior, she can choose from the dropdown. (Even more sophisticated: let the default behavior be determined by whether the Evernote software is actually OPEN, not just installed. If I want to clip locally, which is faster, then I'll make sure my Evernote software is open in the background. If I prefer to use the web, I'll keep the software closed. The drop-down would still be available if I decide I want to have the extension open the software and store the clip locally for me.) In any case, we really need that "change notebook" option of the software's pop-up notification. And I think the kind of implementation described above would be much more user-friendly than the alternative of keeping both a bookmarklet and an elephant head on my browser bar. Thanks for listening! I love the product and hope it continues to get better and better!
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