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  1. Come to think about it, that's another option. If you have a Windows license, just install it on your Mac using Boot Camp, do the conversion, then remove it all.
  2. Unfortunately, the hard way...manually. I just felt it was worth doing, and managed to do some notes housekeeping in the process. If you really want to use Evernote, I suggest finding a cheap Windows PC laptop (new, used, or borrowed) then use Windows OneNote to migrate to your Evernote account. The Windows transfer process works just fine.
  3. Hi, Doug. No, I still haven't found a way to move from OneNote back to Evernote. In fact, I finally decided to simplify my life even more and now use Apple Notes exclusively. I'm actually amazed how good they are, even for sharing things you find on line (like using the Evernote Helper). Text formatting works well, embedding PDFs, etc. Not as robust as Evernote, but certainly a good option and importantly, it's within the Apple ecosystem.
  4. Evernote for Windows has always had an option for importing OneNote...not so for Mac, even though I have the latest version of Evernote for Mac. I think my only option here will be to find someone with a Windows laptop who will let me install Evernote and OneNote (Windows versions), add my accounts and then do the import. After that if I sync Evernote on my Mac it should be fine.
  5. This only works when migrating from Evernote to OneNote. As my original post states...I want to migrate from OneNote back to Evernote.
  6. About a year ago I moved from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac and now I'd like to move back. I've searched these discussion groups as well as the internet and I haven't found anything that works. Lots of references to "Menu > Import > OneNote" but when you do this on a Mac the "OneNote" option isn't there, so I don't know what (on my Mac) to import. Thanks in advance for any help on how to do this.
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