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  1. Come to think about it, that's another option. If you have a Windows license, just install it on your Mac using Boot Camp, do the conversion, then remove it all.
  2. Unfortunately, the hard way...manually. I just felt it was worth doing, and managed to do some notes housekeeping in the process. If you really want to use Evernote, I suggest finding a cheap Windows PC laptop (new, used, or borrowed) then use Windows OneNote to migrate to your Evernote account. The Windows transfer process works just fine.
  3. Hi, Doug. No, I still haven't found a way to move from OneNote back to Evernote. In fact, I finally decided to simplify my life even more and now use Apple Notes exclusively. I'm actually amazed how good they are, even for sharing things you find on line (like using the Evernote Helper). Text formatting works well, embedding PDFs, etc. Not as robust as Evernote, but certainly a good option and importantly, it's within the Apple ecosystem.
  4. Evernote for Windows has always had an option for importing OneNote...not so for Mac, even though I have the latest version of Evernote for Mac. I think my only option here will be to find someone with a Windows laptop who will let me install Evernote and OneNote (Windows versions), add my accounts and then do the import. After that if I sync Evernote on my Mac it should be fine.
  5. This only works when migrating from Evernote to OneNote. As my original post states...I want to migrate from OneNote back to Evernote.
  6. About a year ago I moved from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac and now I'd like to move back. I've searched these discussion groups as well as the internet and I haven't found anything that works. Lots of references to "Menu > Import > OneNote" but when you do this on a Mac the "OneNote" option isn't there, so I don't know what (on my Mac) to import. Thanks in advance for any help on how to do this.
  7. @jeromecarney: I appreciate the kind words, but with everyone I've talked to about this...the ONLY thing that fixed it was a reinstall of the OS. Don't expect any help from Evernote...nice app and nice folks...but it's just never going to get solved. I needed the functionality of the new Menu Bar Clipper so it was all worth it to me.
  8. No, it wasn't in the trash...checked there, and definitely not in /Applications. I uninstalled it using AppCleaner, which even found the six or seven instances of Skitch crashing (the log files, I guess). In any event, there was absolutely nothing Skitch on my machine, but it was still on the storage drive I use for Time Machine backups. I'm a retired geek so didn't put a lot of stock in what the first-tier Apple Care girl told me. Even they are often reading from a script until you get past their front line. Anyway, it's all fixed now. Thanks.
  9. OK...figured this all out. First, the fix about adding a computer name fixed the initial problem. The reason that Skitch still showed up in the App Store as "Installed" is still a mystery. One clue might be that it was off my computer...but still on Time Machine. I named the computer, typed "Skitch" in Spotlight, found it on the Time Machine storage drive. I copied if from there and pasted it into my Applications folder. Opened it, signed in, and all if well again. Evernote truly does need to work on how all this interacts. If I uninstall Skitch from my computer, it should be GONE...completely. And further, when I uninstall it the Mac App Store should show it available to install again...which it doesn't. When I called Apple Support they told me this was the developer's fault...not Apple's! It's bad enough Evernote has taken such a wonderful app and thoroughly ruined it...but now it can't even be uninstalled correctly.
  10. Joe, I'd like to try this, but earlier I uninstalled Skitch (MAS version) to see if a reinstall would help, but I can't reinstall it. When I go to the MAS | Purchased Apps it shows Skitch as "Installed" and greyed out, so I can't reinstall it, or delete it from that list.
  11. Up until recently, Skitch had been working just fine. Now, each time I open it and try to login in with my Evernote credentials, it crashes. I totally uninstalled it using AppCleaner and when I went to the App Store to reinstall it the App Store says it's still installed. Obviously tried rebooting, etc....nothing works. The App Store show Skitch as still installed but it's not. Next, I installed Skitch from the Evernote site and the same thing happens. Using the most recent version of Mountain Lion on a relative new iMac. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. AndyP: sorry for the late reply but I never received an email about followup posts. I finally gave up trying to fix this and totally reinstalled Mountain Lion. No problems since.
  13. Andy, the only two in common are Dropbox and Wunderlist. I tried every way possible to isolate the culprit, even adding in all my apps to a new user account...nothing would duplicate the problem, it only happened when I was signed into my primary account. I have to assume it "was" something in the home folder causing it. I say "was" because I had been lusting after a new iMac anyway, so bought it, reinstalled all my apps, and the problem is gone. Not necessarily the most economical fix...but it did work <lol>.
  14. @Jackolicious: FWIW, if I create a new user on my Mac and install Evernote, it works perfectly. I may have to just wipe my Mac and start over again :-(
  15. I think I mentioned here ealier...I've installed and uninstalled (using AppCleaner) about a dozen times now and tried both the MAS version and the Evernote.com version, which I'm currently using. This is being caused by something at the base system level on my computer...not by Evernote, as evidenced by the Helper working in the Safe Boot mode. If I ever figure it out, I'll be sure to post the answer here.
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