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  1. Interestingly my updates listed in the AppStore yesterday evening showed the availability of version 7.12.14 confirming a release date of 18th December. After downloading, the Web Clipper version showing under Safari extensions remained at 7.12.13 - although under Finder it showed it had been modified. I didn't bother investigating further to discover the extended 1.0.5 number as my bank web site was opening fine with the new version active. Personally I have no complaints other than it would have been good to have received a warning e-mail about the issue as soon as it was discovered. I wasted hours yesterday morning trying to work out why one particular - and very important website - would not open when everything else I was checking was working fine. During the elimination process I had two calls with my bank Tech Support Team as well. I'm just pleased the problem is resolved, but what I don't understand is how the issue was spotted in the first place. Why would someone think of turning off the Web Clipper to gain access to a website that wouldn't open? I cannot see the connection. Either the person who worked out the problem was very clever, or it was found by a strange sequence of trial and error. Anyway, this will be my last post about the matter - I hope - as all is working well now.
  2. As part of my process today in trying to find the problem I ran Clean My Mac X including the updater. The web clipper I have now, which I've temporarily had to switch off, is version 7.12.3. So unless it's been updated again in the last few hours, I'm holding off turning it back on. Edit : Have just checked the App Store and the current version is 7.12.4 released today, so that sounds like the answer.
  3. I have not been able to log on to my bank - First Direct - since the weekend and have spent hours trying to locate the problem, as it's only this website that won't load. It will not load on my iMac via Safari, but will via Google Chrome. Having reset everything including my router, doing restarts, clearing history and cache and numerous other things I was at the point of dispair in trying to locate the problem. The bank's technical support team have also been trying to advise. And then by chance I found this discussion, disabled the web clipper and the site loads immediately. I suggest that given the problems being caused that some form of e-mail notice is circulated as you did with the previous web clipper problem when Apple software was updated. Thank you.
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