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  1. Thumbnail view is critical to my use of Evernote, yet it has been obliterated. Neither card view nor snippet view work well, since card view clutters the image by superimposing the title over it, and snippet view only shows the middle section of an image.
  2. Could you be more specific? Yes, I can be more specific. For one, the thumbnail view is gone, which is crucial for me and my business. The new "Card" view is ugly and impractical. Makes it practically impossible to discern what a note is by glancing at it. I'm reverting to an old version until they bring back something akin to thumbnail view (and no, snippet view doesn't work either, since I need to see the top of the beginning page of every attachment or note. Showing the middle does nothing to help me identify it).
  3. This is truly unbelievable! Why, oh why, would they get rid of thumbnail view? Unless they restore it I'm afraid I'll be looking for a replacement for Evernote soon. What a disastrous update!
  4. Same here. Galaxy S4. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change. Also, Sync keeps stating that it's failing. Haven't completed a sync in days without it saying that it failed.
  5. For some reason, exact searches cause Evernote for Android to crash when trying to view pdf attachments. I use exact search a lot in searching for numbers on a pdf attachment. This is happening with the latest beta, too. I just spent a couple of days going back and forth with Evernote support (who are very responsive and helpful, by the way!) regarding a problem I have with the Evernote app on my Android phone (Samsung Epic) crash. I finally narrowed it down to this: when doing an exact search, meaning a search with quote marks on both ends (i.e. "341.27"), Evernote brings up the right list of notes, but if I select one and then tap the gray box with the name of the pdf attachment in it, Evernote does nothing, and in fact will not allow me to see any other note I try to view afterward. It just keeps saying "Loading Note" but the notes never load. I have to "force close" Evernote and start again. If I pull up the note from any other way, such as browsing through the list or via a search without quote marks, Acrobat Reader instantly opens when I tap on the pdf name in the gray box. Support says this is now a known bug. Just thought I'd mention it hear in case anyone else has the same problem.
  6. I just discovered CamScanner too and love it. Best money I've ever spent on an Android app. Now, when I'm at a store and I finish checking out, I just take a quick snapshot of the cash register receipt with CamScanner. It crops and cleans it up nicely and then lets me upload it to Evernote instantly. No more worrying about keeping track of receipts!
  7. I have a few requests that I may have made before, but here goes: 1. In Windows Version: Be able to autofill email addresses from Google contacts (OR at least Outlook Contacts) when sending an email from EN like you can in the Android version. 2. In Android Version (and Web Client): Be able to preview PDF images just like you can in the Windows Version. 3. Sync EN tasks with Toodledo, so if you create a task in EN it will automatically appear in Toodledo task management. That way you wouldn't have to build your own robust task system into Evernote, but users could still take advantage of Toodledo to set up reminders, due dates, and repeating tasks. 4. Autotagging would be the bomb! 5. True hierarchical tags, so if the main tag is "Real Estate" and the child tag is "Fifth Ave", when you tag with "Fifth Ave" EN also tags it automatically with "Real Estate".
  8. They are: 1. Ability to immediately preview a pdf when selecting it in your Android and Web versions (as opposed to selecting a note, then clicking on the attachment name, and waiting for Acrobat to load. It's a multi-step process that it a real pain, especially if you have a slow connection. 2. Ability to zoom thumbnails in mixed view on the windows version just like you can with the thumbnail view. It would be nice to see a larger thumbnail with all the tags and info listed at the right of it.
  9. I'm also chiming in with my vote for auto tagging. Why did they leave it behind in the first place. This would save an immense amount of time!
  10. No, there is no error generated when I attempt to delete a tag by clicking on the "X" that appears when you hover over the tag field.
  11. Yes, doing the Ctrl Alt T and hiding unassigned tags allowed me to uncheck the tag I wanted to delete from the note. But that's a crappy way to have to delete tages!
  12. If I select a note, then place my cursor on one of it's tags displayed above the preview window, the tag text will change color from black to blue and an "X" will appear at the end of the tag, yet when I click on the "X" nothing happens. How do I delete a tag from a note?
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