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  1. Unfortunately ... I spoke too soon. Problem persists despite uninstall / reinstall. For now, I'm working around by double-clicking and learning to accommodate the Evernote bugs. When I get a chance, I'll re-engage with Evernote support. Very frustrating ...
  2. Thanks all for the very helpful responses. Bottom Line: Now seems to be working correctly on most recent version. Additional Info: I was going down the path to find and install 6.5.4 when I chatted with Customer Support about how to get a verifiably authentic previous version. Before we got that far, the tech suggested I uninstall / reinstall. That seems to have worked. I have different default fonts now, and maybe a few other minor appearance changes, but the functionality (in initial few uses) is back to what I expect. Thanks again to all.
  3. Good day - I've had a problem in Evernote Windows application that I believe began 2 updates ago. (Currently on Windows 10 using (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) Since the upgrade, in the Evernote is slow to open notes (maybe 5 -10 seconds before they are really ready to type in). More importantly, the note puts the cursor visually on the screen where I click in the note almost immediately (good), but then is not ready to accept input from the keyboard for 5 + seconds. Because I see the cursor, I start typing, but the characters don't get accepted as input, and the note jumps to some other part of the note (bad). This problem presents itself identically on several different Window 10 computers -- all of them I've tried. Is this a known problem? Timeline for fix? Very agitating, and slows productivity. Thanks, David
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