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  1. That is not the case. I took a photo of something I wanted to file from within the Evernote app (or possibly uploaded one from my phone or shared from a WhatsApp conversation).
  2. I created a note several months ago which had a photo in it (which leads me to believe it was most likely created using my iPhone). However when I search for that note now, the search results (in the Evernote iPhone app) show that note with an image, but when I click on that note (or when I search for it in a browser) no image appears.
  3. I have a similar issue. I saved a certain image in a note. When I search on my iPhone for that note in the Evernote app, I see the note in the search results with part of the image, but when I click on that specific note, there is no image in the note. When I use a browser to log into Evernote.com the image doesn't appear at all, not even in the search results.
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